Pt 2: Personal Core Values In Action

Pt 2: Personal Core Values In Action


Tuesday, September 10th, from 6:15 to 8:45 PM
Sunrise Branch Library, 3130 Woodhams Drive

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Personal Core Values In Action

Part 2 of Personal Core Values

This workshop will show you how to use your personal core values to intentionally create a life that is authentic, empowering, and life-giving.

  • Discover how to develop and grow your core values,

  • Visioneer your life (personal and professional) from your core values,

  • Set goals that are in alignment with who you are, and

  • How to filter decisions through your core values for clarity.

To live and lead authentically requires us to be in touch with our truth. When we know and live our truth we have more energy, we are more compassionate, we experience greater confidence, inner freedom, and personal power.  In order to know our truth we have to spend some time in our interior world, exploring self, getting acquainted, and discerning what values, beliefs, and ideas belong there, and which ones need to be let go.

In part one, you learned what personal core values are, how to “Discover Your Personal Core Values”, and how these are different from the values of other people and institutions.  This next workshop is for those who are ready to apply their self-learning to the next level, self-expression and creation.

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