Believe to Succeed

Believe to Succeed


Thursday, February 16 from 6:15 to 8:45 PM

South Leisure Neighbourhood Centre (boardroom), 170 Sunset Drive

Investment: $40 per person

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If you want to change your results: have better relationships, grow your business, advance your career, make more money…then you first have to change the thinking that’s driving your current results.

Within each of us is an idea or a belief that holds us back from fulfilling our potential, from living the life we long to live. We make agreement with the narrative that keeps us from speaking up, from stepping out. We’ve accepted it as truth.

What if your truth was a lie?

What if that narrative could be rewritten?

What we think about we bring about.  Our external circumstances are guided by our inner dialogue.  If you want to change the life around you, you must take a journey within.  Discover your own truth, one that is authentic, that is life-giving, and serves your highest good.

Believe to Succeed is a one-day live training that shows you how to rewrite your inner dialogue for greater success.

In this workshop we will identify the beliefs that get in the way of what you truly desire in your life. You will leave with the tools and confidence you need to orchestrate new outcomes. And you will experience greater inner freedom that is grounded in compassion and self-love.

Jill Poulton is a Certified Leadership and Life Coach who helps entrepreneurs get out of their own way.  She has been studying under John Maxwell and Paul Martinelli for the last 5 years, and has gained tremendous insights into the workings of the mind and the heart.

Sara Londono-Sulkin is a Counselor and Health Coach who guides her clients to greater awareness through compassion and acceptance, with a focus on body, mind, and spirit. She is known for her talks on “Benching Your Inner Critic.”

Together, this dynamic duo will guide you on a journey from limiting beliefs to liberating beliefs… from the shadows of self-doubt and second-guessing to the welcoming light of self-confidence, love, and inner freedom.

In this workshop you will have the space and the resources to:

  • Understand your mind and how to get better results
  • Question your beliefs and realign them to the future you want to create
  • See your reality with a fresh perspective
  • Loosen yourself from the grip of that inner voice that says you can’t, that says you’re not enough, that says you don’t deserve it.
  • Find your inner freedom to move forward with greater confidence, esteem, and energy.