Think and Grow Rich
Mastermind Group

"A group of brains coordinated or connected in a spirit of harmony will provide more thought energy than a single brain, just as a group of batteries will provide more energy than a single battery.” 

– Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich, about Masterminding.


About the Mastermind...

Think and Grow Rich has been a best selling book for years.  But not everyone that buys it gets rich!  This book is literally packed with great information, but it is the application of this information that really makes the difference. 

This ain't no book club!  It’s an introduction to a Mastermind Group, it’s an in-depth study, and a focused process of application.  We're going to take a deep dive into the principles and expand your awareness to the blocks that are getting in your way of progress, and empower you to overcome them. 

In this unique and incredibly comprehensive program, Jill will share the secrets of 10 years of study, research and practical experience with you.  It's not just what you learn, it's who you learn it from.  She has studied under, and has been mentored by John Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, and local legend, Frances Olson.  


What you can expect...

An 8 week deep-dive into Napoleon Hill’s

♦ 298 page PDF workbook copy of the core text

♦ Private access to the program portal organising your study of the program

♦ Teaching videos covering each key step

♦ Audios discussing the practical application of each step

♦ Access to the TAGR private Facebook group

♦ And more!

Registration Opens September 10, 2018



The Details

  • Next mastermind group starts October 15, 2018 
Think and Grow Rich

What others are saying:

“I have never gone through such a powerful, mindset shifting study until TAGR and would encourage you not to hesitate if you get the opportunity.”
— Hayley Williams
I have read TAGR previously and struggled to realize what it means and how to apply it. These sessions were magic, brilliant stories to bring each chapter to life and help me discover the plan..... It has been a WOW factor exploration.”
— Neale Edwards
“This deep dive bought it all together. Now I have a vision and a plan to achieve it.”
— Susan Recarey