Leadership Think Tank

"Everything rises and falls on leadership” 

– John C. Maxwell


About the Workshop...

Think Tank is a ½ day hyper-focused thinking into leadership and results. It gives you access to real-world best practices, solutions, and strategies in three key areas of leadership: personal, team, and business.

The power of this peer-learning group includes the ability to focus the collective awareness of several leaders on one specific issue. Harvest insights gained from other professionals who have faced similar challenges. The result is an intensity of thought capable of delivering much greater mental energy and clarity, creating momentum for maximum impact.

Our focus is on enhancing leadership skills, management strategies, organizational culture development, and business planning with a bias for purposeful action on goals.

Junto Think Tank is for experienced, successful and like-minded leaders striving for growth and excellence in both business and personal life.

Once you register, you will receive an email requesting additional information about your goals, challenges, problems, and opportunities. This information is handled with confidentiality, and is used to refine the agenda of the session for maximum benefit of the participants.

Our time will be structured in three key areas:

  • Self-leadership
  • People leadership
  • Strategic leadership


What you can expect...

  • Re-calibrate your thinking, ideas, and beliefs in the areas of trust- building, people development, success mindset, and leadership
  • Strategies and tactics that move the needle on desired results
  • Guidance, brainstorming, planning, and proven practices
  • Access to thinking partners 
  • Time and space free from distractions for thinking 
  • A guided process of creating your desired career and business
  • And more!

Effective leaders think into their desired results, and then take the steps they need to create them with and through others. 

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The Details

  • Friday, June 22 
  • 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • George Bothwell Library
  • $97 + gst