Finish Strong, Start on Fire

"They drew a figurative line in the sand and separated the patterns of the past from their new vision of themselves and the life they were committed to leading.” 

– Darren Hardy, Living Your Best Year Yet.


About the Workshop...

Before we say adieu to 2017, let's harvest the abundant goodness from our experiences, from our achievements, from our misfires, from the depths of our joy, and from the longing that still resides in us.   And, before we launch into the new year, let's check in with ourselves to ensure our new goals are in alignment with our expanding vision and our higher purpose.

In this workshop we're going to go above and beyond the New Year's resolutions. We're going to go bigger than just setting some goals. We're going to tap into our inner, wiser self, we're going to connect with our soul, and let our higher selves do the leading. 

No judgement, just support and celebration!

Bring your calendar, contacts, and online photos. If you have a journal, bring that too!  These will be tools to access your recall of the past 12 months.  Once we've taken a gracious journey through time, we're going to shift forward and set our hearts and minds to what's possible for the coming year (and beyond).


What you can expect...

  • Colorful, inspiring workbook
  • A nutritious, light lunch
  • Time and space free from distractions
  • A guided process of creating your imagined life
  • And more!

Make the time, and give yourself the space to connect with your own wisdom. Connect with your purpose, potential, and what`s possible.

Registration Open October 25



The Details

  • Monday, December 10
  • 9 am to 4 pm
  • lunch included
  • George Bothwell Library, Program Room (Southland Mall)
  • $147 + gst