The Secret to a Truly Transformed Life

The secret to a truly transformed life. Empowerment Mentoring with Jill Poulton

Are you ready to go from:

  • Wanting to change to actually changing?
  • Envisioning your goals to actually achieving them?
  • Being the person you are right now to becoming the person you want to be?
  • Breaking through your ‘Immunity to Change’ to experiencing the real FREEDOM to do, be or have anything you want?

Ask yourself two important questions:

  1. If no change were necessary to achieve a better life for yourself, wouldn’t you already be there?
  2. Why are you procrastinating and just ‘earning a living’ instead of doing what speaks to your heart?
Empowerment Mentoring with Jill Poulton in Regina, Saskatchewan and worldwide.

How would it feel to have your best year ever?

Take a moment, and ponder these questions…

Are you doing your best... why not?

What would happen if you did?

What would happen if you spent six months working on you?

What would change if you decided to be all that you can be?

Life is not a rehearsal... what are you waiting for?

Say "YES" to you!  

Say "YES" to your dreams!

Say, "I’m ready to bet on myself and become all that I can be!"


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"Yes" I would like to invest in me and work with Jill to:

  • Uncover my purpose and pin point what it is I really want
  • Examine why I’m procrastinating
  • Understand what is holding me back and what I’m afraid of
  • Find out how to change from the inside out to make my dreams a reality
  • Learn strategies to keep moving forward towards my dreams



Your Empowerment Journey will look like…

Comfort Zone

  • Growth takes place outside the Comfort Zone
  • You are responsible, no one is going to do it for you
  • Growth starts with a decision

Purpose Vision Goals

  • We do not grow for no reason
  • We must identify something we want
  • This is not a rehearsal

A goal that is casually set is freely abandoned~ Zig Ziglar

You are Perfect

  • You have everything you need for a full life
  • You are a perfect imperfect human being
  • You have more potential than you will ever use


  • We use our perception for us or against

We disturb ourselves not by the things that happen but by the views we take of them ~ Epictetus


  • We love it when something happens
  • We get caught up in the story
  • We are taken away from what we say is important


  • Every man chooses the best option he sees, his only problem is that he is mistaken
  • We are all imperfect .. all doing our best
  • Humility and forgiveness are two sides of the same coin


  • Your attitude is your thoughts, your feelings and your actions .. it is all of them together
  • Earl Nightingale's attitude test .. is life treating you well?

Terror Barrier

  • At times of change we either step forward into growth or back into safety
  • We must continually push through the fear and frustration in order to extend the comfort zone


  • Gratitude keeps our mind on what is good
  • Beware the temptation to feel yourself hard done by
  • Gratitude connects us to our source of supply


  • We do not get what we want, we get what we are
  • Like attracts like
  • Dual force of action and attraction from being

Giving & Tithing

  • Recognizing the order of things
  • A river not a reservoir
  • The circle of life

Authentic Journaling

  • Keeping track
  • Setting goals
  • Living on purpose

6 Month Program
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2 Hour Call Every Two Weeks

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