Discover Your Personal Core Values with Jill Poulton

Discover Your Personal Core Values

In this workshop, you will…

• Understand what differentiates core values from other values
• Identify and define what YOUR five core values are
• Learn to recognize how they are always at play in life (whether we are aware of it or not)
• Discover how to use your core values to enhance your life and your leadership
• Gain greater confidence, and a healthy self-image as you reconnect with your authentic self

Self-awareness is a hallmark of effective leadership. Who you are is how you lead. Successful leaders know what they want, understand why they want it, and have a course of action to get it. They also know how their style, beliefs, strengths, and gaps influence their ability to achieve. 

Self-awareness is an essential part of emotional intelligence, which refers to our capacity to be aware of, control, and express our emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

Life gets better when leadership gets better - and it begins within. 

Life gets better when leadership gets better - and it begins within.  Authenticity and effective leadership go hand in hand. Being authentic is about being true to yourself in the decisions you make, the work you do, the actions you take, etc.

Recognizing your authentic self – the one that is void of titles, roles, and the expectations placed by others including family, friends, and society – requires evaluated reflection, making the unconscious conscious, and a readiness to be somewhat vulnerable in the process.

Leaders who are powered by purpose have a healthy sense of self-concept or self-knowledge. They know what their values are, they understand their personality, and they work through their belief system in order to grow in proportion with their aspirations.

Being your authentic self means you are free from judgement - from yourself & from judging others.

Knowing and growing your personal Core Values is a beautiful place to start the process to awakening your best self, and to empower you to live a richer, more fulfilling life.

Having a clear understanding of what your values are, and what makes them core, empowers you to make better decisions, to put circumstances into healthier perspectives, to nurture your spirit, and to allow the better parts of who you are to shine more consistently.

Intentionally living out of our core values gives us more life energy.

Core values do not lead to mushy actions or sentimentality: they are the battery chargers for wisdom. We are smarter when we are in alignment with our core values.

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The Details

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019
6:15 to 8:45 pm
Sunrise Branch Library ,
3130 Woodhams Drive,
Story Room

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What others are saying:

I really enjoy deep thinking together. You’re a fantastic teacher and facilitator Jill. Thank you for the value you shared with us.
— Cindy Anderson
Jill is a master facilitator. The content was interesting and deeply thought-provoking. The examples and metaphors used were very helpful in explaining and exploring the concepts and will make implementation much easier to achieve.
— Wendy Ward
That’s exactly how I like to learn!
— Linda
Being able to articulate my personal core values adds greater clarity to so many other things, and makes decisions easier.
— Brenda K.
So happy I attended this seminar & met so many great people. I am learning a lot about myself. It’s enlightening.
— L.R.
I’m learning to accept who I am, and allow other people to be more themselves.
— Anon

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