What's Your Level of Awareness

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Have you ever noticed your thoughts?  We talk to ourselves all the time through that voice in our head, but is that voice our voice, or someone else’s? Have you ever considered that you’re not the voice in your head, but rather the observer of that voice?  I know that can be bit of a mind-bender!  For me, sometimes that voice is my own, and other times I can recognize it as someone else’s through the words or message or feelings associated. Paying attention to what is me and what is programming or memory has been a bit of a journey in my life (one that continues to unfold).

A lot of what we say and do is pretty much automatic. It’s so ingrained in us to think and act in a certain way that we aren’t even aware we’re doing it.  It’s super helpful if we can discern our internal dialogue, and recognize our own authentic voice from our conditioning.  In order to do this we must become the observer of our thoughts.  This level of awareness allows us to tune into our Self, and discover our truth. Truth is that which does not contaminate you, but empowers you. Truth being who we is, and who we’ve been created to be, rather than a consequence of someone else’s expectations.

Persistent awareness doesn’t come naturally to us. Typically any free attention is usually captured by habitual thinking—an ongoing, meandering inner monologue about things that will happen later, or have happened already, or should happen. Worries, rehearsals, criticisms, or imagined conversations.

Awareness is this incredibly powerful skill of paying attention to our life, of listening to our Self, and observing our internal life and our interactions in the world. It’s knowing who we is, and being at peace with who we is not. Self-awareness is the ability to look within and acknowledge our thoughts and individuality.

To help me tune into this authentic and unique being that is me, I’ve found it useful to explore the parts that make up my wholeness. These parts include my personal core values, my beliefs, my personality, my preferences and priorities, my sense of purpose and contribution, what brings me joy and what leads to my suffering, how I like to learn and communicate, and what environments I’m mostly likely to thrive in. This clarity and awareness has been so freeing and energizing.

By making the effort to distinguish what is me from my programming, I’ve developed a greater sense of empathy and understanding of others. I’ve also learned to recognize it’s all about our current level of awareness. Awareness of self, others, environment, and direction.

Love, if you’re not satisfied with your current conditions or results, then it’s helpful to understand where you are in your awareness to them, and how to move from one level to the next in that awareness. You can’t change your current conditions and results until you change how you’re thinking about them.

If you want change in your life, then change the inner relationship - the one that is playing out in the 8 inches of your head by tuning into your heart.

“Any idea that is held in the mind, that is emphasized, that is either feared or revered, will begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available.” Andrew Carnegie 

Everything in this world first begins in an idea. Who you are is the consequence of thoughts – your own or someone else’s. Like the one who created you, you are always creating, whether you realize it or not. The point here is to awaken to those thoughts, become the observer. Observe how your thinking starts a creative process:

  1. Thinking creates an image.

  2. The image stirs emotions.

  3. Emotions cause action.

  4. Action sets up a reaction.

See, we get caught up in patterns of thought.  These thought patterns are expressed in our words, behaviors, and decisions, which all creates our conditions and results.  So in order to change our external world, we need to take a journey within and increase our level of awareness.

Our minds actually have 8 levels of awareness; each one serves a different purpose and can serve us well when appropriately applied. The problem is without awareness, we react instead of respond and live with the consequences of that.  Allow me to break them down.

1.      Animal: commonly known as our reptilian brain, it’s all about survival.  It shows up in response to a stimulus of fear as freeze, flight or fight.

2.      Mass: when it comes to surviving in the wild, there’s safety in numbers. In our modern life, it looks more like following the crowd, aka crowd mentality. The challenge is you default to conforming rather than being creative.

3.      Aspiration: something within you nudges for more than the default experience. This can come through our intuition or observation. Once you awaken to the call of more, of different, or of better, you can’t go back to pretending everything is fine.

4.      Individual: you recognize that you are one part of a greater whole. You long for fuller expression and expansion of your uniqueness, your authentic self. You become aware that there is more to you and within you – purpose, vision, and goals unique to you begin to emerge.

5.      Discipline: the only way forward is to give yourself a command and follow it despite any forces against you – real or perceived. This is the place where most of us get stuck. This is where your mind can get in the way - the gremlins come knocking and talking. You must stand-up to those gremlins, and step into who you’ve been created to be and the future that awaits.

6.      Experience: as mature beings, we learn best from our evaluated experiences. This is all about your participation, the actions you take. The further you go, the more you see, and the more your fire burns for what’s possible.

7.      Mastery: at this level, you are no longer controlled by unconscious habits. You know what to do, and you do it.

8.      Eternal: This is the level where no problems exist. Every challenge is a creative opportunity. You feel completely aligned with the forces of nature. Inner and outer worlds reflect each other without confusion or conflict. Because solutions arise from the level of the true self, they meet no resistance. All your desires lead to the result that is best for you and your surroundings.

I am a creator, and I am a causative force in this world, whether I realize it or not, and whether I’m intentional about it or not. And so are you. You have a choice. You can grow in your awareness and become intentionally causative in a positive way, or you can default to the “because”… “I can’t do this because…” “I can’t do that because…” In this state, you’re still being causative, but you’re not causing what it is that you want, and that which will cause a lasting positive impact in this world. Remember… You are a creator. You are causative.