Ode to Belonging

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This is for the mavericks and misfits, wallflowers and lone rangers, free spirits and free thinkers, heretics and rebels. For the shunned and shamed, the slighted and snubbed, the ignored and the abhorred.

For the ones who have felt inadequate, unworthy, or unlikable. For the ones who have thought I’m not enough, I’m not like them, or I’ll never measure up.

You matter. You ARE enough – just as you are. You are worthy – unconditionally.

You are radiant. You are blessed. You are powerful. You are causative.

You are loved.

You belong.

So you don’t fit in!? Good for you, I say! Fitting in requires you to be someone you are not. It means you need to change who you are in order to be approved and accepted. Do not reject the miracle and wonder of you! Save your soul from that small self.

Stop hustling for your worthiness. All the performing, perfecting, pleasing, and proving are roads to false belonging. No amount of achievement will give you the love and connection you crave.

Belonging starts with BE. Being and accepting of who you are, both your flawsome and your awesome. We experience true belonging when we offer our truth, our authentic selves. The whole of ourselves. Own your story, both in the telling of it and in the authoring of it. Belonging begins within and radiates out.

While belonging begins with you, it doesn’t end with you. You are part of a great cosmic web of human connection that is totally offline. Park the likes, the follows and comments. Go for the handshakes, the Hellos, and how can I help yous. The nudge of your soul is calling you deeper into life, to love and be loved. To that, shout YAS!

You have a desire to be part of something bigger? Something larger than yourself? Or other than yourself. Of course you do. I do too. We all do. That’s the call of purpose. Be that longing! Take those steps. Extend the invitation. Create connections, fill a void, meet a need, be the love you wish to see in the world. Accept the rejected. Surrender to that greater good.

That thing you are yearning for? It’s yearning for you!

But belonging requires your participation: your offering and your receiving. Life is a colourful tapestry of other lives. Our existence is supported and enriched by our interdependence, not by our independence. Your gifts are meant to be given – a contribution to the greater whole.

Live your life as an offering to the debt that can never be repaid. Tender your gifts with open hands and a joyful heart. Then make ready and be welcoming to the fullness of life in response. Be expectant without expectations.

Community is but one experience of belonging. Connection, fusion, service, and care are other experiences and expressions that arise when we decide to fully show up. To belong to a community is to act as creator and co-owner of that community. The great community asks you to do only what you are able, and to trust the rest to other hands. The sweetness of life is found in the mutual giving of unconditional gifts: be it a kind word, a delicious dinner, muscle for a move, a listening ear, a hand held in grief, a vision for something better, being a thinking partner or possibility maker. Each offering is as unique and as valuable as the person giving.

You see my darling, we are formed by relationship, we are nourished by relationship, and we long for relationship. Belonging comes from being yourself and being seen. It’s about how you show up and how you see others. It’s about moving towards the magic and mystery of this life, rather than waiting for it to come to you.

Life is not a solitary journey.

Belonging is a journey of moving from self to service.

Be you. Do we.