Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine

Women today have more choices than ever before; in North America we are abundantly blessed with choices. Too many choices though can cause us to question what we want, which path to take. When working through the process of those decisions we often go to our loved ones, family and friends, for their thoughts and opinions.  What happens then is choices are made in order to please or appease another person. This leads to engagement of activities that may not represent the best that we have to offer.  And when we are not performing in our strength zone or we surround ourselves with people that are not in alignment with our values, then we start to have negative feelings.  Those feelings turn into a voice in our head that is overly critical, and the messages become self-defeating.  

Effects of low confidence

  • Unhealthy relationships because there is a sense of unworthiness

  • Fear and anxiety may dictate the outcome of decisions or choices which lead to less that desirable circumstances

  • Low self-image can manifest in the physical body as illness and low energy levels

  • Minimising or denying  the value you bring to activities, projects, and relationships; not accepting a compliment

  • Treating others well but treating yourself poorly

  • A lack of trust in your own ideas or opinions because you feel they are invalid or unworthy

The good news is confidence can be developed!  Confidence comes from knowing who we are as a unique individual; it comes from knowing personal values, strengths, and making choices that align with your authentic self.

Benefits of improved self-confidence

  • Increase in performance because confidence gives you the added energy required to address obstacles and pursue skills you need to succeed

  • Happiness, personal satisfaction, and a positive attitude stem from having self-confidence as the person feels secure with making choices that are authentic and align with who they are

  • Belief in self is internal as opposed to being subject to judgment from others.  This is observed in social situations and can be an attractive quality when meeting new people

  • Positive self-esteem is a sign of good mental health which leads to better physical health because the person feels worthy to care for themselves

  • Emotional health is more stable making it easier to withstand difficult times

Having the tools to use in the process and surrounding ourselves with people who are like-minded, positive and encouraging will support the transformation.  It is a process though and therefore it requires patience and perseverance.   The effort is worth more than any earthly currency.  When we engage in the process we become more alive, we step into the fuller expression and expansion of ourselves.  Are you ready to let your light shine?  

Jill Poulton