Everyday Acts of Bravery

Everyday Acts of Bravery

Everyday bravery is how you change the world. It’s how you inspire. It’s leading by example.  Here are some examples of how ordinary acts of bravery can lead to extraordinary leadership.

  1. Listen to what’s being said, even when you don`t like it.  Seek deeper understanding, and strive for mutual respect.  Listening when you don`t agree is a quiet act of bravery.

  2. Speak Up for those who have no voice.  Stand for what is right, and be intolerant for the mistreatment of others.  

  3. Say No to people and tasks that don’t honour who you are or the direction you are going.  Say no to tempting distractions.

  4. Say Yes to the people and opportunities that move you closer to your dreams and aspirations.

  5. Own it, no one is perfect, we all make mistakes.  Rather than pretending to be perfect, make it known you’re making progress – admit the error and then commit to the course correction.

  6. Be vulnerable, have a heart, be authentic.  These qualities make those in leadership roles more relatable and can draw deeper connections with others, thus increasing your influence.

  7. Face Your Fears – nothing takes our freedom away as quickly as fear does.  

  8. Seize Your Dreams – it takes courage to grow up and be who you really are

  9. Let Go of the past, release old beliefs and ideas that are no longer serving you or your mission.

  10. Embrace the opportunity before you. If it aligns with the direction you want, no matter how terrifying it may be, go for it!

  11. Enter Into the Experiment – get out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone.  Learning is key to leadership, and growth requires action.  Approach your day like a test and learn.  

  12. Ask for what you want – don’t wait, hoping something or someone will come along to make it happen.  Take the initiative, and ask.

  13. Be creative, be playful – give yourself permission to play with joyful abandon.  No need for goals or perfection here, no judgment, just pure freedom-induced fun.

  14. Dare greatly, take bold action.

Jill Poulton