About Jill Poulton | Executive & Life Coach | Regina
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Jill Poulton

Inspiring your highest good.

Jill Poulton is an leadership and life coach with the ability to evoke transformational change in her clients. She brings to the table 20 years of experience in sales and marketing management across corporate, retail, and direct sales channels. Leadership has always been a central point of study and practice for Jill which includes timeless lessons from John Maxwell.

Known for relationship building, collaboration, and inspiring communication, she uses proven coaching philosophies and strategies to empower individuals to have fulfilling lives and careers. Jill coaches and develops entrepreneurs, emerging leaders and personal clients across North America.


Jill Poulton

A Coach for Wholehearted Leaders

Jill Poulton Family Photo in Regina, Saskatchewan

For over a decade, Jill was living the dream in the heart of the Canadian prairies; with grace and gusto she was climbing the corporate ladder in the financial services technology industry. She led teams to success and achievement, empowered individuals to develop their talents and pursue their ambitions. Ultimately, Jill sparked a cultural shift towards leadership development.

In 2010 Jill had an awakening to her greater purpose. She realized that the most exciting and fulfilling part of her job was empowering people to thrive. Jill is passionate about stoking the fire within individuals, seeing them develop their purpose and potential, and adding greater value to the lives around them.

As a Certified John Maxwell Team Coach and Trainer, with advanced credentials from Coach U, the leading global provider of coach training programs and executive coaching services, Jill comes alongside leaders, entrepreneurs, and personal clients seeking transformation in their lives.

Jill creates harmony in her life by honouring what matters most. When not working, she can be found playing with her boys, reading, sipping coffee with her husband, in deep discussions with her friends, or exploring locations around the world that have great stories of their own.