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Jill Poulton, Business and Life Coach, Speaker, Trainer“I consider myself an advocate for my clients in the pursuit of their goals. By using time-honoured principles of self-knowledge and applying them to business and personal goals, I am able to reveal to my clients the creativity and resourcefulness that’s been inside them all along.”
If knowledge is power, then self-knowledge
is self-empowering!
About Jill
Jill has a special talent for bringing out the best in others.  Her clients quickly discover that she is much more than just her impressive list of credentials.  Jill steps wholeheartedly into this transformational process with you, offering meaningful support and celebrating each personal victory, as you implement powerful change in your life.  
Naturally intuitive, Jill listens at a deeper level and helps uncover talents and blocks that may have not been obvious to clients before.  Her non-judgmental, supportive techniques help people discover their own leadership skills and amplify their personal effectiveness in both their business and personal life.   
As to those credentials?  Jill is an award-winning Leadership and Business Coach. She is a “Coach U” Core Essentials Graduate, and has also received full credentials with Corporate Coach U's Advanced Corporate Coaching Program (ACCP). Guided by the principles of the ICF - International Coach Federation, Jill supports her clients by adhering to these ethics and standards.
Additionally, Jill realized one of her own dreams in March of 2011 when she began mentoring with Dr. John C. Maxwell, alongside his world-class leadership training team: Paul Martinelli, Christian Simpson, Roddy Galbraith, Scott Fay, Ed DeCosta, and Melissa West.  Jill is a Founding Partner with The John Maxwell Team of elite coaches, trainers, speakers and professionals. 
Jill’s own journey to leadership began many years ago, growing up in Army Cadets, where she later held the title of Officer for 5 years.  This was followed by 15 years of sales experience in the corporate and small business sectors, which included specializing in training and development.  When the employee programs she created showed dramatically improved productivity and increased overall sales by 40%, other people started asking Jill to teach them too… and her true calling became clear. 
Today, Jill works along side women entrepreneurs and sales professionals who are creating a life and building a business that honours who they are.
If you’re ready to discover your own greatness… if you want to truly live life at full potential, with strength and confidence, you’ve come to the right place.  Get in touch and let Jill be your guide along the path to true purpose, powerful, sustainable change and a richer, more authentic life. 
A Personal Glimpse
Jill believes in creating harmony within the work/life balance. Her loving and supportive fifteen-year marriage, their two awesome boys, plus a cat round out her busy home life. Energetic and exuberant, you’ll find Jill outdoors whenever possible, hiking, camping and enjoying nature to the fullest.
Jill loves travelling to locations that have history behind them and a great story to explore.  She also has a love for typical “guy” movies filled with action; is strangely compelled to “play” with product best-before dates and believes that nothing beats a truly excellent cup of coffee.

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Minute With Maxwell and Jill Poulton
The word of the day is DESTINATION
Destination by Design
Jill founded Destination by Design Coaching and Consulting to provide dedicated, integrated coaching and training services for individuals and businesses seeking to further reveal their greatness, enhance their strengths and confidently pursue their vision. 

Destination by Design offers a range of coaching and exploration services, including one-on-one coaching sessions, personality analysis, coaching and leadership development workshops.
It's difficult to go on a journey without a destination in mind. The journey becomes a series of destinations. There are a few points to keep in mind: rather than waiting for the conditions to be right, create the conditions for yourself. Be growth oriented, rather than just goal-oriented. And ask yourself, does this journey move you in the direction of your vision? If you do not have vision, then you have destination disease. If you have vision, then ask yourself what happens after this milestone. Notice then the journey doesn't end, it carries on. The more we grow, the more we see of our potential and possibilities. Life becomes more than a mere destination.